Tuesday, February 10, 2009

yup the 25 thingy deal!

25 things about me…………
1. I love everyone I meet. xoxoxo
2. I performed surgery on one of my pets at the age of 10. Removed a tumor.
3. I think our birth (the place, to who, and time in which we are born) is designed in order to give us each the greatest advantage of success. This is one merciful creator we have on our side!
4. Even though I THINK I would do things differently if I could do it all over again; I really wouldn’t or couldn’t- because I would begin in the exact same place, with the same mind, circumstances, disposition and up bringing. Therefore I would make the exact same choices… NOW ! if I could start over and know what I know now; then… well! THAT would be different.
5. The smartest thing I’ve done is seek truth. The most challenging thing I’ve done is try and live it.
6. The craziest thing I’ve ever done is get in the cage with a full grown African lion, jump the fence at the giraffe exhibit so I could ‘be’ with them and free climb bodega bay on a windy day with sea lions.
7. The sweetest experience I’ve ever had has been having and raising children to be super great people who I really honestly like as individuals… (and yes, I love them!)
8. The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done is teach seminary for four years.
9. The funnest (or most fun) thing I’ve ever done is save up all my money, quite my job and spend 6 months on the road wandering from state to state, till I ran out of money and ended up living and managing a hotel on the Oregon coast.
10. I think family is central to human existence and the creators plan.
11. I think we are each the total sum of our experiences. So no one is really in the wrong place for themselves… because every person on the planet makes each choice they make; because they believe it will lead to joy and peace; whether it does or not is up for their own debate; but still we are all doing the best we know how to do at present. Truly-- I really think this! And gratefully everyone has a divine potential and all have the ability to progress.
12. Dreams: I’ve never had a dream with out an animal in it and I just realized this yesterday. I frequently fly in my dreams –and I’ve gotten better at it through the years- seriously, at this point, no wings no apparatus - I don’t even have to hold my hands out and I haven’t flapped for years! I maneuver by tilting my shoulders slightly. I’ve flown with all sorts of and I can go as far as Pluto. I don’t need oxygen tanks in space or underwater. What does that mean?---- anyone? Carrie?
13. One of the healthiest things I do is stop everything-- turn off the radio; TV, computer; close the magazines, news papers and books, leave the malls, shops, restaurant, turn off my cell phone, saws, and wheels, leave my business, work and doings… and find myself alone and utterly bored--- and try with all my might to stay still for a few minutes and search my mind to see and feel my own thoughts; this nearly always finds me peaceful, grateful and happy!
14. So far in life I’ve forgiven everyone of every thing- this works for me. Now lets’ just hope they all forgive me!!
15. I read thousands of books each year; but have not read a fictional book in ten years-- this I owe to Emily Voight. She explained Lent to me; so I did it and never went back!  ‘cause I love it!
16. I’m painfully shy in personal large social settings; but if I’m directing or coordinating an event, I can direct crowds of 500 or more blind folded! lol
17. I’ve never been intimidated by anyone (and I’ve worked with some big- big wigs! Lol )
18. I love nature and could spend every warm minute outside. i.e. I freeze in 65 or below; seriously, can’t feel my toes!
19. I don’t need things or stuff to be happy. I found this out when I was 5 and again about 5 years ago.
20. Hell to me would be the inability to learn anything new for ever.
21. I have a very healthy respect for mother-nature. I’ve been in a tornado and watched it destroy and looked into the face of a lion… so…errr that’d be why.
22. I’m fiercely patriotic One of my favorite memories is my dad saying the pledge of allegiance with all his grandchildren around our family flag pole. I’m more religious than patriotic (couldn’t tell huh?) ((Thanks Mom!)) I still stand at HANDEL’S MESSIAH even if it’s being played at church and I’m the only one to stand ((Thanks dad!))
23. Because of my dad--- I really do think I can do anything I want to do; as long as I want it bad enough (Thanks dad!!) Qualifier: as long as my body plays along! (New lesson in aging!)
24. I love to work with my hands and create all sorts of things. I love wood working, clay, paint, graphite gardening, but mostly inventing stuff… crazy stuff with unlikely materials.
25. I have foreign and domestic Presidential clearance status. Recently I found a CIA pen in my drawer….

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CarrieEllen ArtStudio said...

love the one about the dreams! ha ha :)I am going to do the 25 things too. it looks fun. have you seen Christine's blog? Mark and liz have one too. it's cool!