Sunday, March 8, 2009

transitions of a week

This has been a transition, I mean the moving to Utah, but .... I simply love being next to my big sister; she's quite the example of angelic like qualities. Oh, and the art her family produces is pretty amazing. Pure talent!

I spent the week going in and out of stores trying to prepare for my own daughters wedding. interesting process.... in the coming and goings I found many records old vinyl records for her husband to be. He's quite the character, therefore; he ought to fit right in with this family. lol

I'm a little like a fish out of water here in my home in Utah, in this way... i rent rather than own the house i live in... the issue is I'm use to being able to carve, create, build, hammer, change and tailor my house. now i have no options to do such and therefore clean it.... a lot! I don't mean to complain... it's a nice house; I just can't make it my house. Rand says a house to me is like a big white canvas; and I agree, I so want to ''paint'' it!

So... this past week i went to visit my big sister in Logan Utah; and what a time! i got to see Carrie and Christine (my nieces) and my sister; we went to Christine's and she taught us how to make soap! I loved it! I'd never made soap before (gasp here) but thought it was something I could really get into! Katherine (my sis) treated me and Carrie to lunch mmm mmmm good! I ordered a monte cristo; which i hadn't had in a while; but of which Rand made all the time when we first got married. After a scumptouse lunch. I went to the d.i. now the d.i. is and interesteding place.... they are all over utah, they are like a thrift store of sorts. and that is when i found and bought ''the chair'' yes, an awesome chair. I re worked the bottom casing, and then the legs; took off the old ones (casters) and got some new turned wood ones; stained them a nice dark mahogany; oh the smell of wood and stain.... just doesn't get any better than that! and then it occurred to me that perhaps that will be my new doings... finding old furniture and fixing it up... So... I went to another di here in Ogden and found an old (40's-50's) dinning room table with two chairs; sure... it's a mess; but not for long!

This week has also been a time to meet with old Friends. luckily when we moved here we found some old friends from Oklahoma, Wade and Shelley! we have the best time when we are near them. this week they came here for dinner and rand made chicken picatta with broccoli... i love broccoli! and Shelley made a wonderful cold dessert that was minty chocolate; I don't know how she made it but it was yummy! we played a game and talked and laughed. Shelley had a quick look at rands cook books; he has a few of them! lol. i've bought him most of them as gifts through the 32 year relationship, he doesn't really need cookbooks as he is a great cook with out them and being schooled in the culinary arts he tends to have a great feel for food. however, because of his interest in the subject it just seems that's the thing to get him; he reads them like novels front to back lol after being married 30 years i started noting which of his cook books had the most use; which had the most dog ears so to speak, I then ordered those for our daughter who fancies herself taking after her dad a bit of a cook. i remember buying her her fist cook book, she took to it like a Hurst to command post... lol if some of you care to own the standards here are some of his most 'dog eared fav's; ingredients, cooking a-z, the classic cook book, the silver spoon, fanny farmer, the silver palate, the cake bible, chocolate and ... wait... that's prob enough for now lol master those and I'll mention some more lol!! as for me and cook books... I say all you need is the red checked cook books. . . . all additions. and the great American cook book and a big imagination! then again, if i cook, i don't really use recipes. i make it up as i cook along... lol I'm a cookie, pancake, roast, chili kind of cook. i can make good pies but cooking holds no allure for me; I'd rather have my hand on a saw, in clay, making or fixing something!

I'm certainly not a blogger but i do try and keep up with my nieces and nephews and it's the wave so I'm trying to catch it. lol be patient it's been a long time since I've caught a wave!

This coming week i will attempt to get the invites finished for the wedding, and start on the chair covers and cloths and refinish that new old table. OH WAIT scratch that! I almost forgot!! the kiln is officially hooked up!! yeah! that means of course I won't get anything listed done.. but rather pots! lol ah.. now I can get back to what i love doing the most making clay objects! :) this alone should brighten my new life and ease the transition into Ogden Utah!


Christine said...

I love the chair!!and yes the soap is lovely!
love ya

Katherine said...

How sweet to read about your life! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for being you!

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your blog spot! I really enjoyed reading your posts. I love the chair, too! You are incredible!

Sadly, I don't have a blog-spot yet . . . maybe someday :) .

coty said...

Love to junk shop and dream about the day I will have time to refurbish old furniture.

For now I'll live vicariously through you when it comes to that!