Saturday, July 11, 2009

life is just so sweet!

The family home evening the night before the wedding was so fun! we had Erik's family and our family that could be there all together. we sang songs, read scripture and gave marriage advise. it was a night to remember! I absolutely love Portia's new in law family. They are wonderful people! just like Erik!!

It really is amazing to me just how wonderful life is. How sweet to know we are here; working out our salvation; and yet the tender mercy's of the Lord follows us in such touching ways. He lets us know of his constant love and awareness ans so so often he does this through our loving family and friends. I'm so fortunate to have such a big and beautiful family. We love each other, help each other, support each other and pray for one another. And what friends! though we have moved a thousand miles away from our home; we have remained true to one another, careful with one another. We have been so fortunate in those friendships, so blessed; truly blessed! and when we moved... we had the opportunity to reconnected with such wonderful people! We have also made new friends; neighbors that will soon be as dear to us as any one ever was. When we left for 11 days to go to Colorado and Oklahoma for wedding receptions, our next door neighbors offered to watch after Abie (our beautiful dog of 14 years; whom we had NEVER left!) I can't tell you what lengths and pains they went to to take great care with her. The let us call and 'talk' to her on the phone, they sent daily updates; including pictures and video's of her... there is just nothing they didn't do to comfort us while we were away from her! People like this have ever been in our lives; truly those tender mercy's God sends are reminders that he Lives, loves, understands, and is constantly aware of our plight. We are so very very blessed.

we had an awesome time driving across the USA we spent some time in Colorado and new Mexico on our way to Oklahoma. Rand had never seen the Pueblo village.. so we stopped by there.

The week after we returned I had a teacher appreciation dinner to organize for the primary (where i serve as 1st councilor in the presidency), and a stake family home evening fireside. I made Little family home evening posters with movable farm animals. (if you want to make one for your family go to: then click on primary fhe barnyard final doc.) Then I went up to Logan to spend time with my Niece as she is teaching an art class and has a new kiln that needed some attention; we spent a wonderful day together!

After I got back from the 'weddinging' I got a bacterial pneumonia!! I am still recovering; but feeling better.They say relapse with this type is quite probable so we're taking great care to not overdo!

I have been teaching pottery to two young students this summer. They have really been doing well, advancing in remarkable ways. It's always refreshing to me to be around kids; so uninhibited. So creative. I love seeing the world through their eyes. Everything is great when your a child. Everything exciting. in reality i should be about 10 years old my whole life...

Rand works massive hours; today he got up at 3am and will likely work 16 hours. every since we moved to utah, he is just work work work. of course I worry about what it's doing to his 50 year old body! He is really one of the hardest workers I know. Everyone at his work place respects him beyond belief. They call to tell me how great he is; and i don't doubt a word of it. We worked together for 20 years so i am very aware of his dedication to his job. He can work ten 20 year olds under the table! Because of this hard work there are never any questions when he needs to take off; though he has been there only 6 months, he has been able to take off about 3 weeks for weddinging, and another week for the hurst family reunion. so... he does have some rewards for taking on that kind of work load. :)

He and I enjoyed a very intimate fourth of July. We really spent about 4 days just hanging out together... he cooking; I attempting to help.. lol He made an awesome brisket with an unbelievably tasty bbq sauce. we really reconnected over those few days. with all the comings and goings lately; it was most enjoyable to just relax and not have to be anywhere!

I really intend on catching up more on the wedding, the trip and other doings as well... but... i must get going and get the invitations to the primary water party printed up and delivered. So I will end here for now :)

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