Monday, October 27, 2008

getting started or finishing up!

I'm working on getting so much done these days! Full life yes, indeedy! Fri. i finished the deck on the side of the house and today, (Mon.) my intention is to work on installing the tile in the upstairs shower. I have! finished cleaning out the art studio, in preparation for moving.... I will miss it more than anyone knows, more than anyone could know! Since I'm here trying to prepare for a move across the US, i have too much to do for one person! I will move much quicker if i learn to go to sleep and sleep all night, unfortunately that means I have got to learn how to sleep! it is interesting to me that so many people don't have to learn to sleep they just do it; I on the other hand, have never really slept ... seriously, sometimes i feel like i have just never really slept. but don't chu worry, i keep at it; and as smart as i am, i'll figure it out before i die; i just know i will! :) lol. well, speaking of sleep; it's 7 am and i've yet to sleep; so i shall try to sleep for... ummmm 3 hours, that'll be nice! then a tiling I will go!

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